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Site created Sunday 23rd May 1999. Updated Saturday 22nd January 2011. Minor update Tuesday 27th December 2011.

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Welcome to the MISFITS Archive.

For years an Oxfordshire-based group of people produced a series of videos under the name Misfits. A name suggested by myself, Misfits had come from a description a friend of mine had used to describe certain people we knew. I thought it summed up quite nicely the kind of offbeat group we were.

It's now 2011 and it would be fair to say that the people who have been involved in Misfits have moved on in life, as have I, so this site has been altered to reflect this position. It remains an archive of what has gone before.

At some point Zeg and Xonus will be re-edited and that will be the last work undertaken for Misfits.

Tim Harris    (Saturday 22nd January 2011)    Contact Me

Misfits - Alter Ego Poster

Above: Alter Ego

Misfits - A Hill Of Beans Poster 02

Misfits - Iron Law poster 04

Above: A Hill Of Beans Above: Iron Law

Below: Tim Harris and James Spence, taken in 2007 at The Mitre, Oxford, some years after Misfits had ceased making productions.
Tim Harris and James Spence in 2007

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Covers to the MISFITS productions on DVD

Misfits - DVD covers

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The Revenge Of Zeg - An attempt to spoof 'Doctor Who'.
The Champions - Based on the 1960's TV series.
A Hill Of Beans - Three survivors of the final World War battle for survival.
Xonus - The story of a man trapped in the corners of his own mind.
Iron Law - Political corruption masks the true extent of sinister hidden manipulators.
Alter Ego - A man fails to listen to his alter ego's advice when it comes to everything.
No Devil In Wicca - Five people meet to discuss the weird and terrifying dreams they've been having.
Other Productions - Four videos filmed in 1996 comprising filmed live performances.