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Merry Happy Wonderful ChristmasTim Harris  and a Happy New Year!

'Ow do,

I do love Christmas, I love the iconography, I love the brightness of it. Being of an age where presents don't matter it's the iconography I adore, usually in old traditional style. So this year's theme is of film posters of some of the best classic Christmas-themed films, all of which I happen to love. Some of the films have been re-made over the years and I've tended to enjoy most of the re-makes; but the versions of the films I first saw as a child tend to remain the versions I like the most.

To you and yours over what I hope is a peaceful time,

Tim! (Sunday 15th November 2015)

A Christmas Carol 1951 Poster A Christmas Carol 1951 Poster

It's back, diddley-dum, diddley-dum!

Doctor Who Season 9 no-time-or-effort-spent Reviews!

The Magician's Apprentice    The Witch's Familiar    Under The Lake    Before The Flood

The Girl Who Died    The Woman Who Lived    The Zygon Invasion    The Zygon Inversion    Sleep No More    Face The Raven

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