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Tim Harris December 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope it's as pleasant for you as I hope it is for me, I hope it's a snowy one for once and I hope that next year improves the lives of many good people I know or have never met.

2014 has, for me, seen many roast dinners and many pizzas so it's not been all bad, there's always been a roof over my head and I've been kept warm when I needed to be so I can't complain.

This Christmas will be spent watching old movies, cartoons and multiple versions of both A Christmas Carol and Miracle on 34th Street, pretty much the same as every year.

Throw in a new 'Garfield' book or two and a book of 'The Complete Peanuts' and I'm already feeling warm and toasty.

I'll he listening to Christmas CDs ranging from A Classic Christmas to Boney M to Seth Macfarlane's Christmas album, newly bought, he has such a fantastic voice that man. I'll be re-re-watching at least one of his Family Guy Christmas specials too, most likely The Road to the North Pole; for a series that's so anarchic, that special still manages to get the point of Christmas over in its unique way.

Chestnuts won't be roasting on any open fire in my house but hopefully British Gas will still flow to the old faithful fire and I'll be drinking much root beer by it.

And so, as many people observe at this time of year, hope the TV doesn't break down.

To you and yours,


Sunday 30th November 2014

Christmas Bells - ding dong!Christmas Bells - ding dong!Christmas Bells - ding dong!Christmas Bells - ding dong!

Tim Harris July 2014

Tim Harris


Above: Let the decorations do their job

Right: Me at Warner Brothers Feb 2014

Tim Harris February 2014


Above: Christmas Trees are cool

Right: Myself last Christmas

Tim Harris


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Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!  Joy to the world and all that gubbins!

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